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Enjoy Energizing, Calming & Fun Partner Yoga Poses To Practice Together With Your Child!

Are you looking for ways to connect with your child while having some fun and getting some exercise? Try Partner Yoga! 

As a kid, getting into Yoga can be exciting, thrilling, and fun. But, interestingly, it is more fun when you do partner yoga with a friend, sibling, and parents (warning: lots of giggles will happen.) 


Our focus is going to be on partner yoga. But, first, let's delve into the fantastic world of YOGA.


Yoga is a combination of physical and mental exercises. A body and mind practice involves breathing techniques, physical posture, meditation, and relaxation.


Regular practice ensures flexibility, calmness, and general well-being. 

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What is Partner Yoga?

This type of Yoga typically involves two people. It's a form of a support system whereby poses are done together to enhance postures. When you work with a partner, it provides balance and maintains good body alignment. So get dad to be your partner this time around.


Amazing Benefits of Partner Yoga

For starters, Yoga helps strengthen your relationship with your child. The time spent together gives a great opportunity to bond, communicate and build understanding. As you move from one pose to another, you communicate verbally and non-verbally.

Also, picture it this way, parents work hard and could be stressed or depressed. Partner yoga is your way of helping to reduce tension, stress, and anxiety and improve well being for entire family.

Partner Yoga has amazing benefits:

  • Partner Yoga Poses help improve alignment, balance and posture.

  • It accelerates stretching, strengthens communication, deepens connection
  • Help create shared moments
  • Partner Yoga is a whole lot of fun!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Families that Yoga Together; Stay Together!

Try out Partner Tree Pose, Partner Extended Child Pose, and Partner Boat Pose.

It's always fun to do Yoga together!

It's all about CONNECTION!

Try these TEN awesome Partner Yoga Poses providing various ways to connect with each other- facing each other, one behind the other, back to back, side by side, one partner on top of the other or holding hands! 

Kids love spending time with their parents. 

Have fun and flow together with our Partner Yoga Poses. 

 What's included?

  • TEN Awesome Partner Yoga Videos
  • TWO Acro-Partner Yoga Videos (guaranteed to make kids laugh!)
  • eBook on Partner Yoga
  • Cool Yoga Facts
  • Yoga Trivia to test your knowledge 
  • Yoga Jokes 
  • Yoga Quiz 
  • Benefits of Yoga to share with your friends
  • Yoga activities

About Yoga For Kids! By Kids!

Yoga for Kids! By Kids! is a virtual yoga studio started by kids and designed just for kids! At Yoga for Kids! By Kids, children are the Yoga Instructors. Research shows that kids learn best from their peers. 


Yoga for Kids! By Kids!, virtual Yoga studio, offers Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness At-Home On-Demand video series as well as Live classes, for kids, by kids.


Rushil & Kashni are the young entrepreneurs, Yoga Instructors and founders of Yoga for Kids! By Kids! They started this venture three years ago, with so much love & passion, and with a mission to empower kids around the world with Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. They enjoy sharing their love for Yoga by teaching everyone and spreading health and fitness in the community. They won an award for 'Most Creative Business Idea' at San Francisco Children's Business Fair held in 2018, with their 'Yoga with Rush & Kash' business idea.

P.S- This course is designed for kids, by kids. But we've been told the content is enjoyed and valued by grown ups too. The course is reviewed by RYT 200, Certified Kids Yoga Instructor.
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