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Welcome to the only virtual yoga studio started by kids; designed just for kids! 


Kids are natural yogis at heart and they deserve a place to learn awesome yoga, mindfulness, and meditation techniques that will set a baseline for a healthy life.

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Why Yoga For Kids! By Kids!? 


At Yoga for Kids! By Kids! children are the Yoga Instructors. The kids control the workout, while parents get peace of mind knowing their kids are enjoying Yoga at a fun and safe place and gaining all the physical, emotional, and mental benefits that yoga offers. Plus, research shows that kids learn best from their peers. 

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We've been told that grownups love our videos too. You're welcome to join, as long as you share what you learn with a kid in your life! Deal? 

Actually, we have an awesome Partner Yoga series that can be done with adult and kid. Don't take our word for it. Subscribe to our list and get our FREE Deep Belly Breathing guide to try together. 

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Meet Your Instructors

Rush & Kash

Rushil & Kashni, the young entrepreneurs, Yoga Instructors and founders of Yoga for Kids! By Kids! are on a mission to empower kids around the world with Yoga. The young brother & sister duo, loves practicing Yoga and enjoys sharing their love for Yoga by teaching their friends and spreading health and fitness in the community. They won an award for 'Most Creative Business Idea' at San Francisco Children's Business Fair held in 2018, with their 'Yoga with Rush & Kash' business idea. Besides Yoga, Rushil enjoys music, building things, cooking and playing various kinds of drums while Kashni loves dancing, singing Karaoke, art and playing cricket.

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